July 24th, 2024
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Strong Cities Network

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The 'Strong Cities Network' is the united nations (aka Rockefeller Foundation) 'initiative' to create a communist world government, and make each nation into a 'state' or 'province'. Key operatives have been installed in major cities to "force" certain "public votes" (i.e., think 'mandatory masking'), and co-ordinate those efforts across the globe. It makes it sound "nice" by saying it stops "extremism" - but what it means - is it is a co-ordinated effort to promote communism (run by the Rockefeller & other 'elite' families), and anything against the communism agenda is marked as 'extremist'. ----------- You can find the list of #StrongCities below. Click on the cities in blue to go to their city profile page. The SCN city profiles provide an overview of the core challenges and approaches in several SCN member cities with regard to violent extremism and polarisation. Aarhus, Denmark Aktau, Kazakhstan Al-Karak, Jordan Anaheim, United States Antalya, Turkey Antwerp, Belgium Aracinovo, North Macedonia Atlanta, United States Augsburg, Germany Aurora, United States Bar, Montenegro Beirut, Lebanon Berane, Montenegro Berlin, Germany Bern, Switzerland Biel/Bienne, Switzerland Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina Birmingham, United Kingdom Bordeaux, France Buenos Aires, Argentina Bujanovac, Serbia Bulqizë, Albania Čair (Sk...
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