April 16th, 2024
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In 1917 Rudolf Steiner Foresaw A Vaccine That Would 'Drive All Inclination Towar...

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Steiner warned future generations about a possible measure of mass controly. Steiner foresaw a future when vaccines could steal our spiritual nature. In 1917 Rudolf Steiner Foresaw a Vaccine That Would 'Drive All Inclination Toward Spirituality Out of People's Souls' Posted by clnAdrian on May 28, 2020 in Reality's Edge, Spirituality and Religion with 5 Comments By Dylan Charles | Waking Times If you've felt at all like you're in a spiritual war right now, you're not alone. Many of the world's greatest scholars, philosophers, and ascetics understood the world to be multi-dimensional and co-inhabited by non-physical beings both good and evil, always at war with us and each other. It's not something that can be rightly explained with language or science. One must cultivate such sensitivity that the existence of spiritual beings can be directly experienced. Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, educator, and spiritualist, and over the course of his life, he published numerous books and papers on the science of spirituality. He viewed the human body as a spiritual vessel, open to occupation by other entities. To be conscious of these forces was to have the power to reject their negative influence. To remain unconscious of them was to be a leaf in their wind, and spiritual cultivation was the key to developing a conscious awareness of them. "The spirits of darkness are now among us. We have to be on guard so that we may realize what is happening when...
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