November 28th, 2022
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Psychological Warfare (PsyOps): Are You A Casualty?

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PsyOps (Psychological Operations) exploit human emotions to achieve desired outcomes, usually by a small group of people. Your objective reasoning and belief systems are short circuited to radically alter your way of thinking. Two primary fears - the fear of death, and fear of poverty - break down your willpower to make you mentally weak and easy to change. Then, after creating a state of confusion, psychological techniques such as isolation, triggering, scarcity, information control/lack of knowledge, division, repetition, and new language instill new belief systems to create new desired behaviors. Generally reserved for use by military on foreign nations, intelligence operators instruct those in power how to apply these techniques to subvert, control, or change a population. (The two primary fears, used together with these techniques, amplify effectiveness causing something called 'trauma based mind control'). Unfortunately, most Canadians have been subjected to these types of techniques the last year and a half. This article provides you with background information, and educates you on seven specific techniques. Then, a real world example is demonstrated as it applies to you. Recognize these techniques, become strong, and protect yourself. Small Scale Example: Imagine for a moment you are outside with friends. It is a bright sunny day. You hear birds chirping, look up, and see them flying in the clear blue sky. The air is fresh, you smell beautiful fragrances. Yo...
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