September 25th, 2021
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Matrix Beliefs

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Matrix [The Matrix was about Energy robbing and the mind control to hide that fact by the Reptilians. Blue pills are called Pyjama people, red pills Conspiracy theorists. Matrix beliefs are the beliefs that most people hold on any given subject, and are approved or promoted/created by the Matrix (Big Brother). It is noticeable how people cling to these beliefs and defend them, as if they came up with them after considerable thought, rather than the truth--they were handed them at some time and they didn't even notice. You can mention doing urine therapy, for example, and be thought a complete idiot by someone who is 100% completely ignorant (or Paranoid) on the subject. Same with vaccination, politics etc. Faith in false authority is the thing that keeps these spiritual level one and 2 people together they have a huge unconscious level of fear to contend with. Matrix beliefs are the glue that holds them together, controlled by Fear. For Matrix beliefs on medicine see the full set called listed as Rationalizations. These are created by Allopathy Inc or from believing in the Church of Allopathy. One Matrix belief common to people who vaccinate their kids is: "If you don't vaccinate with our safe vaccine, and your child dies from one of the dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases then you will have to live with the guilt for the rest of your life, and we will keep reminding you how irresponsible you were." They get spread by the li...
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