September 25th, 2021
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SoCal Concentration Camp Locations In LA And Ventura Counties

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SoCal Concentration Camp Locations In LA And Ventura Counties March 7, 1999 Don Bradley Note - If any of you can get to these locations and take some photos, we would appreciate seeing them and will add them to this story. Suggest you use caution and take a zoom lens along. Thanks to Don for this information. Concentration Camp Locations in Southern California For all you disbeliever's and gun control idiots who think the government knows best, I've compiled a short list of camps you can visit. These camps have armed guards, surveillance systems, and many fences with the barbed wire pointing IN. If you voted for gun-control, then you probably deserve a place in one of these things, as you've sold not only you and your own children down the road, but me and mine as well. Thanks a lot. PEARBLOSSOM, CALIFORNIA Located at the intersection of Ave 116 and the Pearblossom Highway, this is a full-service facility, complete with gas chambers, moat, machine gun towers, and roving armed patrols. Visit at your own risk. If you do decide to see this one, you will be descended upon by some very mean fellows, who will get your ID and license, then monitor you. FILMORE, CALIFORNIA Located on highway 126, this at first glance looks like an orange grove and is located on the north side of the highway. It sports guard centers, three--count em--three sets of fences, all pointing in, and some very nasty armed men who tell you to "mind your own business." This camp is huge. SANTA ...
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