May 17th, 2022
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"But Surgeons Wear Masks For Hours And They Don't Get Sick" - Masks Are Dangerou...

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Arguments "pro-maskers" have been conditioned to use for wearing masks, and how to put it in perspective. Home Face Masks But surgeons wear masks for hours and they don't get sick.Face MasksBut surgeons wear masks for hours and they don't get sick. ByEditor- September 27, 2020 Argument #1 By Dr. Nate Semmelweis When people discuss fainting, developing headaches, or nausea from prolonged mask wearing, there will always be someone who replies with a seemingly logical argument: "But surgeons wear masks for long blocks of time and they are fine." Why do people think that surgeons wear masks for hours on end with no break, or that surgeons wear their masks tight? They don't. Surgeons are also standing in one place for the majority of their mask wearing time. The major increase in metabolic demand would be from the brain, if the surgery is stressful, or if the surgeon overheats or develops discomfort during the operation. The surgeon is not running up and down steps, on the playground, behind a football helmet, or anything of the sort. My experience is that for the most part, surgeons are relatively fit people who look after themselves. There is the occasional anomaly, but obese, unfit surgeons don't last very long. They have to go into some cushy type job where they can get away with it. The work of a surgeon is demanding, starting before the sun rises, having to make patient rounds, surgeries, checking back on patients, seeing office patients, and then usually a...
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