August 9th, 2022
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False Information - Paper Towel, Dry Baby Wipes Can Work As Filter In 3-layer Ma...

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So called "Health experts" manipulate the public with global news to try and force masks upon the populace to suffocate them more. Article ==> As the cold winter weather forces most of us indoors during the coronavirus pandemic, Canada's health leaders say it's time to upgrade our cloth face masks. Read more: Can't wear a mask? Why demands for medical proof have experts worried Dr. Theresa Tam, the country's chief public health officer, said in a news conference on Tuesday that masks with three layers - two cloth plus a filter - are now recommended over the two-layer face coverings previously suggested. While the new recommendations caused a stir in the House of Commons on Wednesday, with Conservative leader Erin O'Toole suggesting they're not in line with current provincial advice and may breed confusion, medical experts across Canada agreed that a three-layer mask works better than one with two layers. 5:36 Are you cleaning your mask properly? Cleaning expert Melissa Maker shows us how to Are you cleaning your mask properly? Cleaning expert Melissa Maker shows us how to - Sep 25, 2020 Tam said in Tuesday's news conference that the new guidelines don't necessarily mean we have to throw out all of our current cloth masks and replace them with new ones. Story continues below advertisement She recommended adding a filter to existing masks, and Health Canada's website now includes instructions for making three-layered masks at home. The website says filters "add an e...
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