July 24th, 2024
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Canada Expands Path To Citizenship For Foreigners In Bid To Stem Immigration Dro... 
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categories / all items / mainstream / immigration
WARNING: This is mainstream media. Mainstream tends to mislead, misinform, mispresent or lie. So the information may or may not be accurate.
Trudeau is allowing as many immigrants in as possible, to increase canadian debt, increase citizen divide, to sell it out to the united nations. Minister Justin Trudeau's government is trying a new tactic to mitigate the economic damage from a dramatic drop in immigration: persuade foreigners already in the country to stay. Canada announced plans last week to make it easier for the more than 1 million temporary students, workers and asylum seekers now living in the country to become permanent ...
Open To: USA, Canada, World
Date 2020-11-04