July 24th, 2024
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Letter To Decline PCR Testing At Work 
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categories / all items / health / solutions
Letter to decline PCR testing at work, produced with references provided by Ellie Grey of Power to the People: Dear (Managers name), You have recently told me that I am now required to consent to weekly PCR testing at work, to determine my SARS-CoV-2 status. This letter is to inform you that I decline consent to the same for ethical and other reasons which I set out below. 1. Physical and mental Health concerns. It is now a well established fact that the PCR testing swabs are ster...
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Justice Center For Constitutional Freedoms 
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cached copy: /documents/Justice-Centre-Understanding-your-rights-and-freedoms-1.pdf
categories / all items / health / solutions
THE JUSTICE CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMSJCCF.CA2TABLE OF CONTENTS3 Overview7 Common general questions14 Covid and lockdown questions19 Covid and employment concerns22 Covid and business shut-downs24 Covid ticket and law enforcement28 Covid and mandatory mask issues33 Government measures and mandates47 Churches and the freedom to worship and gather mandates50 Mandatory vaccines 53 Ontario Stay-at-Home Order55 How can I donate?
Open To: World, Canada
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