May 27th, 2024
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The Globalist Agenda - Resistance

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The Globalist Agenda - Resistance Resistance Non-complianceIn order to resist the coming totalitarian control grid, you must simply refuse to comply. Do not accept a national ID card/biometric ID based driver's licenses; refuse to take a vaccine of any kind regardless of the propaganda you are fed; refuse to eat genetically modified food; do not accept voluntary sterilization to save the planet; and above all do not accept the implantable microchip. And educate the very young of the dangers these things represent and to say no.ActivismIt is important that we all recognize that the controllers require our passive acceptance and compliance to their agenda. We have been indoctrinated to accept that we cannot effect change and have been disengaged from our true power. We are powerful and can make a difference and that is the truth. Any fear you have has been created by your indoctrination and by choosing to act you can break it and discover and power and freedom you didn't know was possible. Choose to act as a powerful and positive force and do whatever you can to influence others whether it is on the internet or most importantly in person. Take to the streets and educate the public; organize with others of like mind and become enriched and empowered by the experience; inform those around you; participate in any general strikes that arise; and participate in local demonstrations that counter the agenda of the elite as it presents itself on the multiple fronts discussed on this ...
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