December 6th, 2023
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Great Reset (Published March 19th, 2020)

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Topics covered include the possibility of social media (and perhaps even the internet) going down for a little while, the possibility of martial law being declared (but that being a good thing in this case), the possibility that the worldwide bug we're experiencing being either massively exaggerated in terms of its lethality or a complete fabrication used as a cover story for covert operations (i.e. the arresting of the cabal). I also speculate on the parties that will arise once the dust has finally settled in several month's (or perhaps weeks?) time. Yes, the chaos and confusion will certainly continue for a little while, but while we're holed-up let's plan what we're going to do when this new age of peace, prosperity, and freedom is finally upon us. Addendum - As I'm uploing this video to YouTube, it tells me the following 'IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19, we will conduct fewer human reviews to protect the health of our extended workforce. Unfortunately, as a result we may remove content that does not violate out Community Guidelines.' Hmmm, this somewhat flimsy pretext amounts to a blank cheque to block/ban/remove any content and/or content creators which they don't like the sound of. YouTube have already shown their colors by suppressing the truth and fiddling the stats and visibility of successful truth-tellers, so it's not surprising they may be getting a little nervous at this time. Hopefully there'll be a radical change in YouTube's top execs soon, so all these sh...
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