February 26th, 2021

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The Gulag Archipelago - Wikipedia 
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categories / all items / books / prison camps
The Gulag Archipelago: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (Russian: ????????´? ????´?, Arkhipelag GULAG) is a three-volume non-fiction text written between 1958 and 1968 by Russian writer and dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It was first published in 1973, and translated into English, and French, the following year. It covers life in what is often known as the Gulag, the Soviet forced labour camp system, through a narrative constructed from various sources including reports, interviews...
Open To: USA, Canada, World
Date N/A
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Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax In History 
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cached copy: /documents/dr-vernon-coleman-covid-greatest-hoax.pdf
categories / all items / books / covid-19
Book talking about the hidden agenda. Written by Vernon Coleman, aka 'The Man in the Chair'. The startling truth behind the planned world takeover. The scripts of Vernon Coleman’s ‘Old Man in a Chair’ videos for YouTubetogether with articles from vernoncoleman.com
Open To: World
Date 2016-11-16