November 28th, 2022
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Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

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Interesting 44 page document apparently published by the Bilderberg Group, in 1954 - 75+ years ago. Basically describes how the self proclaimed "elites" (aka 'predator' class) view humans, and wish to manipulate humans into predictable behaviour to use their cheap slave labor. Talks about using shock testing of resources, pyschological tests, etc to determine how "people" respond in general, in order to manipulate their actions on a massive scale. The pyschopaths 75 years ago wished to 'computerize' this behaviour and put it into predictable economic computer programs. Their biggest 'fear' was people figuring it out (i.e., sharing information) - so they described how they wanted to dumb down/subvert people as much as possible. Quite a relevant document for today, with respect to "masks" (compliance), the deathjab (aka "vaccines"), etc. Worth a read....
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