June 20th, 2024
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Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Following is a very small partial list of people who have reported side effects with the Covid-19 vaccines. This includes Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, amongst others.

You should ask yourself why there is a high level of censorship with respect to the reported side effects. Facebook is constantly deleting personal stories of people, and shutting down groups where people share their experiences. There have literally been groups of 100,000+ people, with tens of thousands of experiences, all sharing side effects, everything from paralysis, thrombosis (blood clots), severe rashes, permanent disablities, and then Facebook has deleted these. Some people have even reported loved ones going to bed, then never waking up again.

Unfortunately, some of the side effects only manifest themselves 2-3 months after receiving an injection, and side effects unfortunatley also include 'death'. Some last for months. Some experiences include pictures which may be quite graphic in nature. The companies selling the cure are making profits in the billions. "Health Experts" own extensive shares in "vaccine companies", and threaten doctors with losing their license if they speak out against what is really happening. (More Details Here...)

Sources of information have been re-shared from Facebook (because facebook keeps deleting the content). The USA VAERS Database is also another source, but it is a 'government' database usually where physicians submit patient information. Harvard University has stated that they estimate only 1% (or less) of side effects are reported to this database, meaning that the numbers of deaths and 'adverse reactions' (side effects) should be multiplied by at least 100x.

Different 'populations' and 'age groups' are receiving different types of 'vaccines'. Some of them are saline solutions (i.e., no effect). The purpose appears to be to stagger the 'side effects', and use one group of people as a control group.

If you would like to share your personal experience, please create an account and then submit your experience here.

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2021-07-02 00:00:00
Catherine Patrick
I got my shots in Jan-Feb and had a reaction with my 2nd shot. Fever 103 with headache, chills and achy muscles. The end of Feb I noticed a round red spot on my calf. Thought it was a burse but a few weeks later it was still there and more red. To make a long story short, I have been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition triggered by the covid shot. I now have 7 spots that I am treating with a steroid cream. Has anyone else out there had this side effect?
2021-07-09 00:00:00
Lorraine Catalano
I had my first astra Zeneca shot on June 2. 3 days later my calf started to swell. By day 5 I had a large red swollen lump. I went back to the dr twice a week for the next 2 weeks. They said I had an ingrown hair & gave me iV & oral antibiotics. A week later antibiotics had made no difference. I went back again to dr & they told me to go to emergency at the hospital for IV overnight. My neutrophils had dropped down to .1 (critically dangerous). The hospital sent me home without treatment & tube of antibiotic cream! 4 days later I limped back to the dr & demanded an ultrasound. Dr said it was an ‘abscess’. Radiologist said there was no abscess there & she didn’t know what it was. Last week I went back to a different dr who lanced it. He was shocked! It was a hematoma & blood clot. I now have a huge hole in my leg. I am tired & sick all the time. My neutrophils are so low I cannot fight infection. My lymph nodes are swollen & im exhausted, depressed & can’t think clearly. It’s been the worst 6 weeks of my life! I still feel lucky though because the clot was on my leg where I could see it & do something about it. If it had been in my brain or lungs I’d be dead
2021-07-11 00:00:00
Matt Roulston
WARNING !!! First shot was pfizer back in may second shot was moderna taken sunday july 4 first three days was fine besides a sore arm weds woke up couldnt stand up felt like the room was spinning that lasted till friday i spent 18 hours in hospital they did a battery of tests checking for infections was all good had 2 ct scans one with n one without contrast no signs of stroke tumor or aneurysm or swelling got looked at by two neurological specialists n they dunno what to do they have no idea what happened or how to fix it its now sunday july 11 and my motor skills are starting to come back to me my balance and coordination are back but my calves and forearms feel like ive been clenching the muscles non stop and i cant make sudden movements or my vision gets blurry so who knows if this is gonna be long term or what i cant work now cause i cant drive and nobody knows what to do i have to go see another neurologist and a stroke specialist to have an mri done fuck i woulda taken my chances with covid if i knew this was gonna happen thanks moderna!
2021-07-16 00:00:00
Andy Mulley
Has Covid itself, or the vaccine triggered a negative auto-immune response for anyone here? My (ex)wife, 37, has just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. No history of ill-health, tested positive for covid in Jan 21 suffered major headaches like she had never experienced before. 2nd AZ jab at the end of April 2021, stroke like symptoms two weeks later and return of the headaches like when she had covid. Hospitalised for 8 days. Initially diagnosed as stroke but then they changed their mind a few days later. Diagnosis of MS given last week.
2021-07-19 00:00:00
Melissa Springer
Melissa Springer
· 59m ·
On April 23, I had my second Moderna COVID vaccine. Within 30 minutes I was dizzy and a rash had started on my hands and face. My feet, face, hands and arms were swelling. I was instructed by my Dr’s office to go to the ER. At the ER, I was told that I was having an allergic reaction. I was given fluids, antihistamines, an anti nausea medicine and steroids. I was watched for an hour or so and sent home with instructions to take Benadryl.
The next morning I was more swollen and more red. I asked a family member who is a nurse practitioner what she advised and she asked me to take 1 Claritin and one Pepcid and wait one hour. My lips, tongue and throat began swelling and tingling. I still had dizziness, my eye sight started to get blurry and I was advised to go to the ER. The Dr. at the ER gave had me use a nebulizer, gave me two sots of epinephrine, steroids and more antihistamines. Because of swelling in throat and adenoids a strep test was performed. No strep. I was instructed to take one Pepcid, one Claritin, four Benadryl, 40 mg of steroids, an albuterol inhaler and was instructed to pick up a prescription for Epinephrine. The Dr. had considered admitting me to another hospital until the second shot of epinephrine seemed to work.
On the third day everything got worse again and with all the medication on board I ended up back in the ER. I was placed on another nebulizer and was administered two more shots of epinephrine and again the Dr. wanted to send me to another local hospital, but after the second epinephrine shot worked he had me agree that I would continue this treatment and he knew I had an appointment with my primary (ironically I had my annual appointment already scheduled in two days). He prescribed more epinephrine with five refills to get me through (the epinephrine came in packages of two pens).t
I am not a severe allergy sufferer. I had never had to take epinephrine and the only allergies I had in the past were to Erythromycin and copper easily cleared up with a single dose of Benadryl. My medical history is sleep apnea, diabetes controlled, and I had IBD likely from Colitis noted as mild. In January, I had had my gallbladder removed.
I followed the ER doctors instruction and I made it through the night. But the redness and swelling were still present. My primary ran some tests, noted the blurry vision, swollen tonsils and throat, swollen body. She contacted an allergist who suggested that I go to Ear, nose and throat when the allergy was getting worse, so they could do some measurements. When I got to ENT they said they had not been notified I was coming. I told them I had 30-40 minutes before I got “bad” and the ER was downstairs. The ENT doctor rushed in, took measurements and said the back of my tongue was swelling and rushed me to ER. More steroids, more epinephrine and the ER dr. set an appointment with the allergist for two days later.
Back to ER next night, all symptoms were getting worse. I was told at ER to switch from Claritin to Zyrtec because I could take two of those per day.
Saw the allergist the next morning, vision was now blurry most of the time, tongue was tingling all the time. Dizzy most of the time, drooling, lip and throat swollen as well as body. I noted it got worse every night. Allergist increased Benadryl to eight per day, increased prentisone to 60 mg per day, and added singulair. He said if I needed epinephrine I had to go to ER. Stated I could not drive under any circumstances and would need to be “with” someone all the time. I needed to monitor my blood pressure and if it became low I needed to go to ER.
Allergy was not getting better, so allergist increased prednisone to 80 mg per day. Three days later and allergy still raging, allergist was afraid prednisone was creating problems so he decreased prednisone to 40 mg and four days after to 20 mg and four days later to no prednisone. Allergy kept getting worse and with decrease to 20 mg swelling got so bad it started affecting my joints. The right knee was first with such swelling that I was not sure if knee would hold me. Then it was the left knee and right ankle. My primary dr saw me because the allergist was perplexed. Tested for a multitude of things looking for some underlying condition. No rheumatoid factors and tests showed no inflammation, despite being swollen all over. No Mast cells, no m proteins, only item that came back on tests was that I was having a reactive pattern.
Swelling continued in joints to include low back, mid back, left shoulder blade, right shoulder blade, right hip, left hip, elbows and fingers. Never did all the joints swell at once. It would be one or two joints, then subside, then another joint. My primary scheduled an appointment with Dermatology. Dermatologist prescribed a steroid cream for the face and another cream for remainder of body and instructed to continue taking all other allergy meds. In two weeks they said I could reduce Benadryl to for per day. Things started to calm down and get better little by little. Still had breakthroughs with the allergy, still had joint issues, then the rash on my legs started to look purplish, and sometimes it looked purplish on my arms and neck. There was evidence of many broken capillaries from all the swelling. After five weeks I was finally able to go back to work. I am still not better. I am still taking allergy meds everyday. Skin biopsy showed nothing abnormal. I was in ER again this weekend and had a UTI and severe back pain as it appears to be getting worse again. ET dr said it was obvious I was swollen and gave me a shot in the back and told me to start taking 600 mg of ibuprofen and to start applying Voltrex to back, fingers, and any other swollen joints. She noted throat is swollen again. I had a little blurry vision again. July 23rd will be four months. Anyone having the same issues or have a dr that has figured out what works for this?
I am not an antivaxer, and I am not against the vaccine, but I am sorry that I got it. There must be a way to test, find out why it happened and make sure it doesn’t happen to others.
2021-07-20 00:00:00
Andrew Chilton
It has come to light that three people of which I know have noticed problems after the Astra Zeneca jab, urgent and frequent need for the toilet, loose/watery movement, or no movement just an urge to go, a need to pass water was also mentioned.
Has anyone else had people they know suffer with this with in 3 months of the vaccine?
2021-07-20 00:00:00
Lucy Traetto
Does anyone know how to contact Moderna regarding side effects? A successful phone number or email
address where they will actually respond to you?
I have had hives since my first shot in April and my doctors are doing nothing for me.
2021-07-20 00:00:00
Angelo Kleros
Hi everyone,
I received the second dose of moderna on march 11th
My body -wide twitching began 2 weeks later.. Basically 24/7 in my calves and thighs... but would also pop up on my arms, back, butt, neck , etc...
I began to feel weakness in my right hand around the same time. The weak feeling proceeded to my right leg when I would run . I would feel like it couldnt keep up with my left..
I then began to notice that my right peck was smaller than my left, as was my right calf.
I now feel no sensation in any of my toes (heat, cold, dull, sharp).
When i tap my calf, i can feel nerve sensations travelling down the front of my shin to my foot.
I went to my neuro who ordered complete blood work and an EMG. He stated that the bloodwork was great, including a CK test that was normal. The EMG test was clean and he stated that my issues were definitely not neuro muscular. He stated that i most likely have BFS (benign fascilation syndrom)
With everything happening in my body, I am reluctant to believe that theres no muscle or nerve damage in my body. I find it highly suspicious that all of these neurological side effects occured 2 weeks after the second dose of the vaccine.