July 24th, 2024
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[4/11] Vaccines/Poison

So there are several goals of the vaccine.

  • 1. Depopulation Goal
  • 2. Sterilization / Infertility
  • 3. Making Money
  • 4. Tracking/AI
  • 5. Genetic Experimentation
  • 6. Attack on Religion/Pacification
  • 7. Vaccine Related Images

Resources for further education:

1. Depopulation Goal

Most people who get the Covid-19 vaccine will die within 1-5 years. The people who have organized this believe in something called the 'Georgia Guidestones' (essentially the Satanist version of Jesus Christ's 10 Commandments from Moses). One of their 'beliefs' is that there should only be 500 million people inhabiting the earth at any given time. Since there are currently 7.8 Billion people (according to the Worldmeter https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/), that means roughly 94% of the world population would have to die. Bill Gates has decided 'you' don't have a choice. BTW - if a vaccine is 'so good' - then why not have the ones who want to get injected & infected get it, and the ones who don't, don't? 'Supposedly' a vaccine is supposed to 'protect' you, is it not?

The people organizing this believe they need to leave 'clues' as to what they are really doing, so even though most of the media will say 'The vaccine is good for you', every now and then they will leave an article, or document that says what they are really doing. For example, if you access the FDA document here, on Page #17 it lists a number of horrible 'allergic reactions' to this poison.

Furthermore, many 'videos' of 'officials' (at least the ones who know what this really is about) getting injected with this poison are fake. They use collapsible needles, or rubber stoppers to give the 'impression' they are getting injected to try and 'convince' the public it is 'safe' (when in fact, that is a lie, and it is designed to harm you).

2. Sterilization / Infertility

One big purpose of the vaccine 'cure' is also sterilization. Anyone who gets injected will have the chances of being to have children severely reduced. If they manage to somehow have children, they will either be born deformed, or autistic. Several doctors as part of this plan have openly admitted that there will most likely 'only' be 60-70% sterilization of the vaccinated population.

3. Making Money

Bill Gates said in a live interview that it was one of his 'best investments', with a 20:1 return. The Rockefeller family back in the 1950's found drugs/vaccines/etc yielded a 50%+ 'return on investment'. People that own (or have stock in) vaccine companies, PPE companies, mask companies, etc are literally making a 'killing' (both figuratively and literally) by selling the medical products to the public.

4. Tracking/AI

For those that manage to survive the vaccine 'cure' - the goal is to integrate them with the 'cloud', or IoT (Internet of things). Small biosensors (through a company named Profusa.com, with funding by the USA DARPA) will initially be placed under the skin 'for your own protection' - to 'monitor' your vital signs to make sure you don't have "covid-19". The reality is - it will be initially used to monitor your biometric signs for data collection and human experimentation.

See Bill Gates/Microsoft Patent #2020-060606. The next steps will be used for genetic experimentation - to feed data via 5G towers, and then to receive 'instructions' on what genetic experiments to perform within your body. Similar to how your iPhone gets "software updates", the biosensors underneath your skin will receive 'software updates' as well. And the thing is - they aren't just 'biosensors' - but small nanobots that can slice and dice your genetic code.

5. Genetic Experimentation

So you may ask yourself - why would "they" want to do genetic experimentation? Well - "they" view you as cattle, livestock - and they want to experiment on you to figure out how to literally 'live forever'. If you die, oh well - there are other cattle/livestock they can experiment on.

One of the purposes of the genetic engineering is to see if they can figure out how to extend life. Further experiments will be for things literally out of 'comic books', i.e., figuring out how to get super strenth, super speed, etc, etc. The thing is - you will not get the benefit of any of these 'advancements'. Simply because if you try and use them, you will be executed, and killed immediately because of the nanobots floating around in your system.

6. Attack on Religion/Pacification

It is being used to target parts of people to try and destroy their religious belief systems. See video below/leaked government correspondence in 2005. Other things like fluoride in the water supply, toothpaste, etc are used to cause constant infections within the body, resulting in a passive population.

7. Vaccine Related Images

Following are a few images with related information to vaccines, side effects, etc.