November 28th, 2022
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[5/11] Tracking/communism

The purpose of the contact tracing app is very little to do with protecting your health, and much more to do with totalitarian control of your life. It is about getting you used to have to ask for permission to do anything, or ones who were free to do whatever you wanted to.

This means controlling where you're allowed to eat, where you are allowed to shop, who you are allowed to date, what type of job you're allowed to have, and who you can talk to.

Something like this already exists in China, and it is called “Social Credit”.  If you're a good obedient citizen, then you're permitted to eat at certain restaurants, date certain people, and shop at certain places.

However, if you talk to the wrong person, read the wrong book, go to an unapproved website, go to an unapproved store, then your social credit drops and you're not allowed to do these things. If your score gets low enough, you may not even be able to buy food.

The very big danger here is at that point in time would not even be able to ask someone to get some food for you. Simply because the contact tracing would mark you as an “infected person”, and if someone associated with you, then their social credit score will drop.

So you would become totally isolated from society.