November 28th, 2022
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12. The People Behind the Curtain

The people behind this "New World Order" tend have luciferian (satanic) beliefs, and practise occult worshiping rituals. They are pyschopathic sociopaths, and in general have no issues lying, deceiving or harming other individuals to get their way. In general, they are eugenists.

This plan has been in the works for a very long time. Literally decades in the making. It is a very sinister, very evil, but very well thought out and very well organized plan.

This website, the Globalists Agenda gives an excellent overview of some of the major players involved. There are other websites that go into detail on how supplementary information as well.

This is a good (anonymous post) summary of how the crown in England operates with respect to land.

According to some sources, this was set in motion about 100 years ago with Cecil Rhodes. Around the 1900s he became extremely wealthy with the diamond mines in Africa. He believed in the stucture of the British Empire, and wanted to use his wealth to influence the world upon his death, so put together a set of wills that detailed exactly how this would be done. One of the recruitment methods was through the Rhodes Scholarship.

Various circles of influence were set up. The goal was to make it such that each circle was unaware of the influence of the circle above it. One of the top circles is the Society of the Elect. Below it, you have groups such as the Bilderberg group, Council of 300, Council of Rome, etc. Below that, you have the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) in almost every country. Each group essentially focuses on concentration of power and wealth in a handful of groups, with a globalist agenda. Humans are treated as "livestock", as "taxable assets".

The Rockefeller family also has an incredible amount of power and influence.

These various groups, organizations, and families formally put together a plan in the 1990s called agenda 21. In 2015, it was revised and called agenda 2030.

In March 2020, the "Rockleagroup" magically had the foresight to make job postings for a "Global CEO" position, when the "pandemic" was "announced" worldwide. The goal is to herd humans into camps where they oversee jobs, food production, etc, and essentially manage humans like farm animals. Of course, their website is dressed up to sound nice and fancy. Interestinly enough, they are calling anything against them (aka the truth) "disinformation campaigns". They are, in fact, quite evil.