December 6th, 2023
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[8/11] "Second Major Pandemic" aka "The Digital Health Pandemic"

  • It is designed to steal your money
  • It is designed to steal your land
  • And it is designed to forcefully thrust upon you a global digital ID, eliminate all privacy and thrust a global currency upon you that is controlled by a handful of individuals.

So Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Klaus Schwab have already planned, er, "predicted" a "second global pandemic". It was conducted through something called the "CyberPolygon" exercise, some of the results published November 2020. Interesting how the Event 201 planned, er, "predicted" the first pandemic. It will be called the 2nd pandemic, a "Global Digital Health Pandemic", and they will try and force things on you that you do not need.

What is really fascinating about this simulation is that hackers worldwide break into computer systems, and steal important information, by using Microsoft Windows products. So the simple solution would be, stop using Microsoft products. The cover story is that since people were forcefully sent home, they were too stupid to manage their passwords, and hackers broke into computer systems worldwide, stole all the passwords, and stole all the banking information.

Interesting Fun Facts of the Day:

1. In 2015, Windows 10 had a key logger installed with every operating system

If you don't know what a key logger is, that means every single keystroke that you type is recorded and then sent to someone else. Supposedly, in 2015, this was being done "for your own safety".  Of course, Bill Gates denied any malintent, but computer programmers demanded that he remove it.

Now whether or not Bill Gates actually did remove a key logger is another question, but he did make it so it was not as easily accessible to these programmers.

So perhaps Bill Gates is the real hacker is proposed "Cyberpolygon" event, having been collecting banking passwords, corporate espionage, etc. for the last five years for anyone that has been using a Windows 10 operating system.

2. "Windows Updates" can be used to install Trojan horses (aka computer viruses)

Again, another fun fact, is that Microsoft makes it incredibly difficult to disable "Windows updates", which again is done for "your own protection", and "for your own safety". Even if you disable it, there are a couple other ways that Windows will automatically turn it back on.

So again, quite possibly, the way people will get viruses installed on their computer systems, that will cause "havoc", will simply be because they are using Microsoft Windows and getting unnecessary Windows updates.

One thing that is super duper fascinating is that Jeff Bezos seems to like Bill Gates model, and also forces you to regularly connect to the Internet to do Amazon fire updates, whether or not you need them.

One thing you'll notice about these people, is that they like forcing themselves on you. First, a fake virus to destroy your job and livelihood. Then forcing a vaccine killer on you. Then destroying your computer system. They like rape.

3. Windows 10 can be used for DDOS Attacks

One of the most annoying "features" of the new Windows Operating system when it came out was the fact that it used your own internet bandwidth to "share" updates with other users. So - if you installed Windows 10 - other users on the internet would then download copies of Windows 10 from your computer. There were periods of time when the internet became "slow" because of these Windows "updates".

So there is a very good chance that Microsoft was trying to see if it could "halt" the internet through a deliberate DDOS attack that it was simulating, but of course "for your own protection".

Easy solution: Don't use Windows 10. If things become slow, unplug your machine from the internet, and instead use an Apple product, etc, etc.


So how do you protect yourself?

  1. Well for starters, back up all your important documents on an external USB stick or computer hard drive. That way, if your computer is "hacked" by Microsoft, you have a backup of all your important files. For most people, getting a 32 GB flash drive that cost 20 or $25 is more than enough.

  2. Great something called an "air gapped" computer. This simply means that it is a computer that you never ever hook up to the Internet. Why is this important? If it is never hooked up to the Internet, it can never get "Windows Updates" which will be used to install viruses on your computer. That way, you can have peace of mind working on your important documents, and knowing that they are safe.

  3. Of course, make sure that you turn off Windows Updates. Here are a few links to get you started.
  4. For extra safety, you could always use an Apple product. Those tend to be more secure, however since Steve Jobs has not been at the helm for a few years, their system may have been compromised as well.

  5. If you have a computer friend, you can ask them to set you up on a Linux box, with the standard toys such as an Internet browser, etc. Unix/Linux tends to be the most secure system of all, and very hard to get viruses or Trojans installed on your system when set up correctly.