November 28th, 2022
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[3/11] Masks Purpose:

The real purpose of masks are as follows:

  • 1. Slowly Suffocate you and cause slow brain damage (hypoxia)
  • 2. Designed to make you more susceptible to infection (bacteria infection)
  • 3. Designed to increase your Stress levels (cortisol levels)
  • 4. Satanic/Occult Devil Worshipping Ritual, designed to get you to accept a 'new abnormal'
  • 5. Make you an obedient slave, subservient to someone else
  • 6. Masks do not protect you against any kind of 'virus'.
  • 7. Psychological Trigger to Keep you in Fear
  • 8. Masks sprayed with toxic chemicals

1. Brain Damage/Hypoxia

People don't breathe "for fun". They breathe because it is necessary for life. If you wear a mask that fully covers your face, then you're restricting your airflow and suffering slow brain damage. Over time, your thinking becomes foggy and you simply aren't able to think that clearly.

Purchase an oxygen monitor (about $25), and monitor yourself after 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 20 minutes, of covering your face & nose. Normal is around 98/100. Anything below that and you are harming yourself.

2. Bacterial Infection

When you're breathing through a mask over a sustained period of time, you're creating a warm moist environment in which bacteria can grow. As you continue breathing through this bacterial laden mask, you're more likely to get sick.

3. Stress Levels

by restricting your airflow on a consistent basis, you are increasing the cortisol levels in your body. essentially the flight or fight response. This puts your immune system under an incredible amount of stress, and makes it more likely that he will become sick in the future.

4. Devil Worshiping

Believe it or not, the people organizing this are devil satanic worshipers. By wearing a mask, you are participating in an occult ritual. The mask is designed to be a symbol of your allegiance to someone else other than yourself. It is also used as a way of transforming someone's personality. Think about it, if someone wears a mask Halloween, during a bank robbery, a party -- they tend to act much differently than if they were not wearing a mask.

5. Slavery

Historically, masks were put on slaves in order to dehumanize them. When you cannot see someone else's face, you tend to treat them as less than human. When one slave sees another slave, they tend to treat each other as animals. One of the purposes of the mask is to get people fighting against each other.

6. No Protection

Finally, the nonmedicinal cloth masks do absolutely nothing to protect you against any kind of supposed virus. If you refer to organizations such as the OHSA, the only type of face covering that protects against any kind of particulate matter is an N95 mask. Surgical masks that doctors wear are only designed to protect against spit getting on patients. It does absolutely nothing to protect against inhaling any tiny small particles.

7. Psychological Trigger

Another purpose of the masks is to constantly remind you to be 'fearful'.

You know perhaps, how when you were in highschool, and there was someone you thought was really attractive, maybe they had a certain type of perfume or cologne, or wore a certain piece of clothing that you associated with them?

It could be years later, you could be in a brand new relationship, you could be married - and then all of the sudden you smell that same perfume/cologne, or see that same piece of clothing an "instantly" you are taken back to that moment when you found that person really attractive.

That is the precise same thing that is happening with the mask. If you start to "forget" that you are "supposed" to be "afraid" - as soon as you put on the mask - you are "instantly" reminding of all the 'scary' news broadcasts, all the anger/pain associated with wearing a mask, etc.

So how do you stop? Easy - don't wear it. TAKE IT OFF. You do NOT need someone else's 'permission' for you to breathe freely. So breathe freely NOW!

8. Masks sprayed with toxic chemicals

8. Many of the blue masks you see that are sold in stores are sprayed with something similar to Teflon called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic fluoride compound. It gasses off at all temperatures and its chemical bonds degrade much faster when on a chemical substrate ( Contrary to what you may have been taught in school about fluoride, fluoride is very toxic to your health. Because it is sprayed on, it makes it likely that you may ingest this through breathing, and constantly breathing in this compound can lead to fever between 100 & 104 degrees, chest tightness, shortness of breath, headache, cough, chills, sore throat, etc.