November 28th, 2022
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[7/11] Censorship:

There is massive censorship going on to try and prevent people from learning what the truth is. Watch the following video showing just how 'independant' mainstream media really is

Video of Mainstream Media Reading Same Script
Mainstream media reading SAME IDENTICAL script!

"Fact checkers" are owned by people making up facts. In fact, there was a report that point though that 18/20 of the board members on the fact checkers had direct ties to George Soros. And of course, he is one of the people causing a lot of the chaos right now.

Accurate information is labeled as "misinformation" by government organizations and the mass media.

In fact, in most nations, the media is owned by a handful of individuals. For example, in Canada, Postmedia owns over 100 media organizations in cities across Canada. There is also Torstar, Saltwire, and a few other conglomerates. If you look at publications such as the Vancouver Sun, the Calgary Herald, London Free Press, Toronto Sun, etc. etc. - you'll notice that almost all of the articles relating to the coronavirus are virtually identical. It is a coordinated message of fear. What is even more interesting, as according to a mainstream media article published in September 2019, the mass media received $600 million from the Liberal government. Trudeau, in a video interview jokes that he now has control of the media.

In the USA, Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post. CNN does not report the news accurately, but rather presents a narrative to keep the people in a constant state of fear and division.

So when you think you're getting independent news, the reality is you're not.

They also go to great links to try and discredit any alternative media, by calling them conspiracy theories, extreme right, Nazism, etc. etc. so if by some chance you did stumble upon alternative media by accident, you would have already been preconditioned to reject it.


Why Censor Information and keep people fearful?

  • Because people are much easier to control if they are afraid. If they had accurate information, they would not be afraid.
  • If you knew how deadly vaccines were, you would not take them.
  • If you knew that the viruses was fake, you would not cover your face with the mask and suffocate yourself. You would not isolate yourself and cause yourself great psychological distress.

Alternative Media

You need to go to independent media sources. However, even those can be hard to find unless you know you're looking for alternative media. This is because the main tech giants, such as Google, twitter, Facebook are censoring and discrediting any alternative media.

To get started, here are some suggestions:

If you like watching video, go to websites such as:

  • Brand New Tube
  • Bitchute
  • Banned Videos

If you want to find other information, use search engines such as (and of course this one), that do not filter that kind of information.