April 16th, 2024
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Click on underlined links to view supporting documentation. To access the main search engine/articles, simply click the home icon in the upper left hand corner or the article index, or click here. Covid-19 is a very convenient pretext to do many things that the public would not normally accept, using both the fear of death (i.e., getting sick), and the fear of poverty (i.e., fines for non-compliance) in order to manipulate human actions.

Covid-19 (Certificate of Vaccine Identification - AI) - is a 5 year project (not a 'contagious' virus. If you get injected, then you become infected). This project has been in the works for the last 40+ years through things like Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030. The goals of this project (which CAN be changed) include:

  • Introducing a worldwide communist government by a self-appointed technocracy
  • Depopulating the planet by about 90% through vaccines and other measures (Georgia Guidestones)
  • Elimination of all democratic rights and freedoms
  • Destroying all small business enterprises, service industries and moving all jobs online
  • Consolidating world wide wealth into the hands of a few individual
  • Destroying traditional schooling to create a unified United Nations/Rockefeller worldwide 'online school' system using the CORE Education System, to make children (who became autistic and subservient through vaccines) into digital worker bees to be managed as 'Human Capital' (resources/slaves/etc)
  • Elimination of all privacy, and creating a Gates/Microsoft Digital ID2020 (Patent #2020060606) for every citizen on earth
  • Using masks to cause illness, compliance and as part a satanic occult/initiation ritual
  • Massive censorship, labelling any questioning thoughts as "misinformation", "vaccine hesitancy", "covid deniers", "antivaxxers", "antimaskers", etc, etc. and instructing health practitioners on how to exploit human emotions to beg to get injected
  • Creating one world currency through Gates/Microsoft/Rockefeller/Visa/Mastercard

If you believe Covid-19 is a deadly virus that you can catch...

First, read up on the difference between germ theory and terrain/exosome theory (also New German Medicine). Germ theory is the idea that you can "catch" something and become ill by catching 'a virus'. Terrain theory is that idea the condition of your body, nutrition, determines whether you become ill, and viruses are simply what your body expels as waste material. Germ theory is a very profitable theory in order to constantly sell pills. The creator of germ theory tried retracting it while on his deathbed.

Next, prior to any injections/"vaccine cures" - no public health agency had any isolated sample of 'the virus'. This is significant, in that it is like saying someone died from cancer - so the doctor cuts open the body - and you ask him where is the cancer, and he says that he can't find it - "but it's there!". Once you understand that there never was a 'contagious' virus - then you need to ask yourself why are they trying to force people to get injected?

If you still believe in 'covid', you are the victim of a massive psychological operations campaign ('PsyOps'). (Also read this document how the military has perfected this method to subvert people and nations). You have been fed a highly coordinated radio, television, and social media message of fear. 'Rising case counts' and 'Rising death counts' keep you in this trance. Doctors and officials that have tried speaking out have been silenced, censored or coerced into going along with the narrative, You do not have the truth. It has been highly censored in order to manipulate you into a certain belief system, and labeled as "misinformation". Depending on how much exposure you have had to the truth, the following will either ring true - or it will seem 'way out there’. Please read this fully. Then do your own research. Think critically. Come to your own conclusions. This article is designed to show you the light. When reading this - you may be in utter shock and disbelief. It is called 'cognitive dissonance'. The coordinated message of fear is used on POW's, and it is a psychological technique designed to get you to automatically reject any information contrary to the previous 9 months of information you've been fed. But please realize that has been deliberate. It has been used to try and prevent you from discovering the truth. Please read the following with an open mind, because your life literally depends on it, whether you take action to protect yourself, your family, your loved ones and the ones you care about, or go along with the narrative.

So this is a brief outline of "the plan", organized by a small group of power hungry greedy individuals. This plan CAN be changed. Awareness of it is the most important. Action is next. The most recent version of this plan has been executed over 25+ years, through the likes of Agenda 21, 2030, & Lockstep. One of the big famlies that has been organizing it over the years is the Rockefeller family, by installing key officials and paying off others. Key officials and health experts have been installed over time in positions of power and influence, through initiatives like the 'Strong Cities' network. Covid-19 is the name of a 5-year PROJECT. The "Covid-19" pandemic was simulated in something called Event 201 (CAPS & SPARS), October 2019, three months before the 'virus' was released. There is a new "simulation", called "Cyberpolygon" - which is the precursor to the "Great Digital Health Pandemic". The premise will be that "hackers" took advantage of people working from home, stole their passwords, and caused a devastating worldwide economic crash, requiring a new ID (ID2020). It will try to force a new digital currency on you ("BetterThanCash" initiative). There is no 'scary' virus except what is in your mind, and all the pain/fear/etc that you have associated with the images pumped into your brain on a daily basis through media outlets.