March 3rd, 2024
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How to Reject the "Vaccine" (deathjab) through a Creed (Belief Based) Exemption

It recently came to my attention the ridiculous imposition a number of institutions are trying to make on employees, students, and so forth. The "good" news is - as part of the "rules of the game" the evil group is playing - in almost all cases - you should have an exemption form. You can be exempt based on religious, creed (your own personal belief system), or religious reasons.

(This is not intended as legal advice. By proceeding, you agree that you accept full responsibility. Please consult a lawyer for legal advice. Use as you see fit, and edit if necessary to fit your circumstances).

Find that form (do a search, ask your employer, etc) - and get that form. It may have additional clauses - such as "testing" in lieu of a "vaccine". DO NOT ACCEPT. The "tests" are ALSO a "vaccine". You also do not agree to any kind of discrimination based on genetics. (Canada even has a LAW PROHIBITING that, see:

You want to REJECT all clauses, except for the one that states that you are EXEMPT.

So, cut & paste something to this effect:

Since there never was any contagious "virus", I reject the gene alternating injection. It is NOT a "vaccine" by traditional definitions. I also question the strong arming coercion tactics being used to force these toxic concoctions. My creed includes the following, but not limited to:

  • The fact that simulations of how to manipulate populations through fear of viruses were instituted. Namely, Event 201, the SPARS pandemic, Cyberpolygon, etc
  • The fact that germ THEORY being used to promote the idea of an "invisible viral enemy" is a THEORY. If there were such a "virus", it could not be transmitted.
  • The fact that prior to injections, no public health agency WORLDWIDE through FOIRs could provide an "isolated viral sample" from a deceased subjects. This is akin to a doctor saying that a patient "died from cancer", so you ask the doctor to cut open the body to show you the "cancer", so he cuts open the body and proclaims "Well, I can't find the cancer, BUT IT WAS THERE!". You ask him again to show you - and he cannot find it - but tries to convince you that the patient still died from it. 
  • The "vaccine" serum does not meet Koch Postulates.
  • The fact that ICUs, prior to any "Covid-19 vaccine injections", were nearly empty and hospital staff was actually laid off
    - The fact that "case counts" used to push this narrative are totally meaningless without a denominator (i.e., "per 1000 tests conducted"). By this illogical "logic" - if one tested the ENTIRE population in one day - "they" could state that there were "300,000 new cases overnight!". Then, the next week, since everyone had been tested, and there was no need for "testing", there would be "zero new case counts", and the fake pandemic could be declared over.
  • The fact that "case counts" are further manipulated using CT (Cycle Threshold) counts, which can obtain desired "positive" or "negative" results for the desired narrative used to push for a medical tyranny state.
  • The fact that massive censorship has been used in a coordinated attempt to threaten and silence actual doctors from speaking out, and the fact that there have been MASSIVE deaths from the injections as outlined in official government databases such as the USA VAERS dataset.
  • The fact that a report by the United Nations entitled "Guide to Covid-19 Vaccine Communications" describes how to exploit emotions to manipulate people into getting injected

Finally, the ones pushing this on the world wide public are pathological sociopathic psychopaths. They have a worldwide depopulation/eugenics agenda, and use money to influence the decisions of "health experts" as the grants provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to numerous medical institutions.

The above is only a partial list, but outlines my reasons for rejecting this gene alternating substance.

Based on religious beliefs, as God made man and woman perfectly in His image, I do not constent to being injected with a gene alterating substance, deceptively labeled as a "vaccine". It is designed to destroy the immune system that HE made so perfectly.

With respect to the additional clauses outlined in this document:

  • I do not consent to the "testing" in lieu of a "vaccine", because this is a deceptive illusion of choice. Not only are testing swabs doused in ethylene oxide, which is a toxic neurotoxin, but it is also used as an alternative micro-dosing "vaccine delivery mechanism" with hydrogel nanoparticles. This clause been crossed out.
  • I do not consent to being discriminated against on chosing not to be injected with an experimental gene alternating substance, and reject this clause. Not only is this ILLEGAL under Canadian Law (Bill S-201), and your institution would face a fine UP TO ONE MILLION DOLLARS, among other things - but outbreaks are artificially manufactured through faulty "testing" with arbitrary "CT" counts. These arbitrary tests can obtain desired "positive" or "negative" results to push a narrative. So this clause has been crossed out. 
  • I do not consent to being further discriminated against, with respect to "physical distancing", or "remote learning/working", because there never was any contagious virus. The injection causes the infection. So this clause has been crossed out. 
  • I am not "vaccine hesitant". I am "toxic injection never". So I do not consent to any type of attempt at "re-education" designed to manipulate, exploit, or coerce me into accepting any type of 're-education'. So this clause as been crossed out.
  • I also do not agree to having this sworn before a 'Commissioner of Oaths', as this is an arbitrary and unnecessary step designed to make it more difficult for individuals to process this form.

    The only clause that I agree to is the one that states that I am to be EXEMPT from ANY "vaccination" requirements set forth by this institution. I have also crossed out the word "request", because it is not a "request". It is a statement that I am to be exempt, and fully expect my exemption to be respected.



Cut & the above into the exemption form, and submit it. ALSO GIVE IT TO OTHER EMPLOYEES, FRIENDS, FAMILY MEMBERS. Share it with relatives in law enforcement, military, federal employees and the medical profession who wish to reject this toxic death jab as well. And DO IT TODAY.